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Projector Screens

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Projector Kit

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Optoma Projectors

We are the leading manufacture in Delhi/NCR.

  • * Projector wala offer the very lowest price.

Projector Accessories like Screens, Ceilling Mounting Kits, RGB Cables etc. at the lowest rate.

Our experienced team of professionals undertake various contracts for projection systems, Our more than ten years of experience in dealing with audio visual equipment and projection systems have helped us offer our annual maintenance contract services.

We offer our services for different types of projectors fitted or installed in different offices, institutes and other places. Apart from specializing in offering maintenance contract services, we also offer different types of spares of various brands.

  • LCD Data Projector

Projector Wala was setup rate starts Rs 20,000/- on wards.

  • LCD Projector LAMPS

Projector Lamp available for all Model and all Brand. (Price starting from Rs 8000/- on wards)